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Wendy's: Battle of the Tweets

by Anna Morais

Successful marketing campaigns are all about deciding what your brand is and owning it. Recently at the KSA Kave we launched our Oh Sh*t Moment campaign. One of the most important stages of an ‘Oh Sh*t Moment’ is owning your sh*t. One brand that excels in owning their sh*t is Wendy’s.

Since early 2017 Wendy’s social media has been serving some serious sass via Twitter. The fast food restaurant chain gained popularity as a result of their cheeky responses to McDonald’s Tweets. These responses eventually led Wendy’s to gain a bigger social media following.

Some of these Tweets have become iconic such as this one from 2017 the company decided to retweet again this year on Black Friday.

As these Tweets became more popular people intentionally decided to follow Wendy’s Twitter knowing their feeds would not just be comprised of ads for burgers and fries. Wendy’s Twitter following began to Tweet questions at their Twitter account thus encouraging them to keep up the act. Wendy’s social media team tends to respond quickly, an impressive feat for a company with nearly 3 million Twitter followers. More recently, Wendy’s has been participating in Twitter trends such as the ‘Don’t say it/ Don’t do it’ trend.

Wendy’s has been in business since 1969, the same year as the moon landing. In a recent Twitter poll Wendy’s was voted a better American accomplishment than landing on the moon.

The importance of owning your brand is not the only lesson one can learn from Wendy’s. Wendy’s has also proven you can change or make improvements to your brand at almost any time. Obviously, Twitter did not exist in 1969, but if it had one can assume Wendy’s Twitter would not have been as bold as it is today.

As the marketplace becomes oversaturated with ads flaunting the same celebrities making similar promises, several brands have dared to be different. Using unorthodox, or bold marketing tactics often leads to great success. Consumers tend to prefer brands with strong ideals and a strong sense of who they are. Much like life, marketing is about taking risks. So when rebranding a business one should dare to take risks. Wendy’s is one among many brands that have developed a strong social media presence that could almost be better described as a personality. This development has worked incredibly well for Wendy’s and goes to show interaction, whether it be friendly or sarcastic, with your following creates important brand-consumer relationships.

If you are ever in need of a good laugh, be sure to scroll through Wendy’s Twitter feed. Here are some more examples of saucy (pun intended) Wendy’s Tweets:


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