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Intern Reflection: Anna Morais

Sitting down to write my intern review has been one of my hardest tasks. There is no easy way to describe my last four months with KSA Marketing + Partnerships. This is because, interning at KSA is different from a normal internship. I feel the best way to reflect on my time with KSA is to share what I learned over the course of my internship.

Sometimes internships are like being thrown into a pool when you do not know how to swim, while lifeguards sit watch nearby making no effort to help. Luckily, I never felt this way at KSA. I was often given projects that challenged me, but I was always encouraged to ask questions. Internships are about on the job learning, and education is all about asking questions. How else are we supposed to get the answers we need?

Anyone who is from Rhode Island realizes everyone knows everybody. Much like business in general, to succeed in Rhode Island, you must have positive relationships with those around you. Neighbors tend to turn to members of their community for help, and in Rhode Island, practically everyone is a neighbor. At KSA neighbors make up the local, small business clientele, vendors, and event volunteers. As a public relations student, the value of a good reputation, and good client relationships have been ingrained in me from day one of my freshman year of college. However, interning at KSA physically demonstrated how important these two things actually are.

KSA Marketing + Partnerships taught me the importance of teamwork. Sure, I have worked on my fair share of group projects over the course of my lifetime, but school group work is far different from professional group work. School group projects usually consist of vague conversation over text message or email, lack of effort on some parts, and more often than not a final project not every person responsible is proud of. Having to collaborate on a project in a professional setting requires real human interaction, attention, and hard work. I believe in the real world the professional who does not pull their own weight will have a hard time finding and keeping a job.

During the semester I spent some time working on KSA’s internal marketing. Marketing a marketing firm is something I never considered had to be done before my time with KSA. I came to understand the importance of this task. I helped find articles KSA could share on their Facebook page, and I wrote blog posts for the KSA website. This was meaningful to me as KSA was putting my name on articles they share with those who visit their website. This was one of the many ways KSA showed me I mattered as an intern.

At KSA my input was always taken into consideration. I was never passed off as too young, or too inexperienced. During my internship, I was held to the same standards as everyone else. I was never just given busy work, but with assignments that mattered.

Simply stated, my time at KSA was valuable. I am grateful for the senior staff who saw me as an asset to the team and not a burden. Every staff member took the time to answer my questions and gave me things to work on that benefitted the team. Over the course of four months, I gained knowledge and became a part of the KSA family. My one piece of advice for anyone thinking about applying to work at KSA is to just do it. I truly am convinced there is no better team of marketing superheroes to work with in Rhode Island.

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