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Case Study: Scialo Bros. Bakery

Scialo Brothers Bakery has been on Atwells Avenue in Providence for over 100 years and has always promoted their traditional values and quality desserts. The bakery was established in 1916 when Luigi Scialo arrived in America as an immigrant from Italy. Since Luigi’s passing in 1993, his daughters Lois and Carol have kept the family business going.

The sisters came to us in summer 2018 looking for help with a branding refresh and an integrated marketing content plan. They wanted to boost their wedding and birthday cake sales, and who else would be better than the KSA marketing heroes to tackle this for them.

Team KSA swooped in, took over the Scialo Bros. social media accounts and website, then began an overall refresh of their online marketing. We thought the best way to boost their sales would be through updating their style and helping them better reach their customers.

Now in terms of a refresh and style update, what we really mean is actually quite the opposite. Scialo Bros. is known for honoring tradition and their many years on Atwells Ave., so we decided to use that to their advantage. In honor of their 100+ years, we pushed a “Gatsby” theme, to highlight the roaring twenties, which was the first decade they were established. This theme has since been incorporated into the menus we have helped them create, Instagram posts, and even the re-designed sticker labels they put on their boxes. We have made their style consistent and recognizable, with a black and gold “SB” mark on everything they produce.

To boost sales, we also worked on how they reach their customers. We not only helped them update their website we also pulled together their Instagram so it has better flow and leads customers directly from their Instagram to their website where the customers can access more information about cakes and ordering. Since we took over the online marketing, there have been increases in their followers, daily users reached and likes. There has been a large increase in interactions per post, including website clicks and profile visits. Scialo Bros. users are now going to their website more often and spending more time there, and this is validated by a decrease in bounce rate.

We are continuing to work hard to help Scialo Bros. Bakery boost their reach and sales. We go down to the bakery every few weeks to shoot photos of their cakes and products to produce more content for social media. We have created a consistent style for them to follow and helped them increase their interaction with customers on social media. The team’s superhero efforts have been a success and Lois and Carol are achieving their goals. Follow Scialo Bros. Bakery Instagram @scialobrosbakery to keep up with all of the fun new creations, and visit scialobakery.com to read their newest blog on their selection of specialty birthday cakes.

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