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6 New and Effective Ways to Use Social Media

The world simply cannot live without social media. We spend way more time on it than we would like to admit, and it has become ingrained in our daily routines. Businesses are taking advantage of their customers’ social media habits and are reaching out to them through accounts of their own.

The world of social media is extremely fast-paced, with constant new developments. As soon as one platform releases a new feature, competitors are already trying to replicate that feature so they can also offer it to their customers. With so many shifts, it is easy to get lost and fall behind. Here are six new and effective ways to reach your audience with social media.

1.Creating Stories

Creating stories is a new and easy way to reach your customers. Snapchat created them first, and now virtually every social media has their own version of the idea. You can post a picture or video and it appears at the top of your followers’ Newsfeed where it stays for 24 hours, and after that, it

disappears forever.

They are great and easy to use for your customers. Stories are the first thing users see when they open the app, and they are quick and easy to click through. You can use stories to give your customers sneak peeks of upcoming events, limited time discounts, or keep them up-to-date with what you are doing throughout the day and you can do this without having to worry about deleting content you don’t want to stay on your account forever.

2. Go Live

You can now livestream from virtually any social media platform to your followers. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged with what you are doing, whether you are setting up for an event or you are working on stuff behind the scenes. Your followers will get a notification you are live and have the ability to comment on your stream. It gives customers the feeling they are right there with you and are included in all the action.

3. Start Polls or Ask Questions

Asking for feedback or opinions from your customers is one of the best ways to make them feel valued and important. Many platforms now have the option to post a poll your followers have a limited time to respond to, or you can post a question about anything from what they think of a product to what kinds of events they want you to host, and followers can respond to it with their answers or opinions. It is a great way to get feedback from customers and keep them engaged while also finding out what your customers want from you.

4. Save Content Under the Highlights Feature

A new feature of Instagram that has not yet been replicated on other platforms is their highlights feature within your profile. This new feature is essentially like creating separate folders for the content you are posting. For example, if your company hosts events, you could create a different highlight for each event and save any stories or other content you post to that specific highlight where it will stay forever. When your follower goes to your page they will see each highlight’s title, and by clicking on it they can easily scroll through all the content you have in that category. It is easy to use and helps keep things organized for both you and your followers so everything you need for one specific event is all in one place.

5. Post-User-Generated Content

A lot of businesses struggle with finding interesting content to post to their followers, and it can be difficult to try and keep yourself from becoming repetitive. A way to avoid this is by posting content from your followers or customers. The content is free and a fun way to change up your posts. If you start a hashtag campaign, you can repost the content your followers post using the hashtag. It also makes the customers happy; they feel cared about and it helps establish a stronger relationship.

6. Encourage Your Customers to Direct Message You

Direct messaging is a tool many businesses do not use, but it can be useful in establishing connections with customers. Businesses should encourage their customers to reach out with any questions or concerns. You could also use direct messaging to offer exclusive discounts. Customers will like the idea they can actually talk to you, and you could even use a chatbot to message for you. Chatbots are making direct messaging easier to manage and more commonly used.

Whether you use one or all of these methods, it will change up the way you manage and how your customer views your social media. These updates on the platforms are helping businesses make more connections with their followers and making social media a more interactive experience for users.

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