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We're not your typical marketing team. Our approach to every project is "How can we Kick Some Ass?", which prompted one client to ask if that's what the KSA in our name stands for.

We started at a dining room table in 2011 as a two-person operation and have since grown into a full-service marketing firm with a full-time staff of 6, along with a few talented contractors who call other states home.

Our growth is fueled by passion, and our passion is delivering results on a personal level. This means we focus on people as much as businesses, and we value our relationship with each client.

Today, we call "The Tide Mill" home in Warwick, RI. Built in 1710, our office matches our unique personalities and encourages us to remember our roots in Rhode Island while we're busy creating the future for our clients.

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Meet The Team

Katie Schibler Conn, Founder

Fearless SuperMom + Industry Expert

Katie is a Superman enthusiast who channels her inner Clark Kent to best demonstrate her natural ability for building relationships and handling crisis management. She is recognized for her unique passion and expertise in leading, managing and delivering complex marketing campaigns. Katie's passion for life is what drives KSA, and she is able to morph between international influencer and well-versed team player.

Laurie Lewis, Chief Operating Officer

Office Leader + Caring Motivator

Our Phoenix rises from the ashes to breathe new life into every project she touches. She is organized, versatile and detail-oriented with excellent interpersonal, planning and problem-solving skills. With proven customer relations and liaison experience she is self-motivated and resourceful.

Susan Rentz, Internal Project Manager

Clever + Insightful

With more than 30 years managing clients and operations in agencies and corporate environments, Susan is our internal project manager, delivering results in a coordinated way with her powerful fields of invisible energy as only a member of the Fantastic Four can. While sightings of Susan are rare (her personal HQ is in Raleigh) her talents are many and help bind Team KSA together through common sense, efficiency, and organization.

Matt Luongo, Global Client Manager

Dedicated + Driven

Our friendly sales and event manager, Matt uses 15+ years of sales and management experience to web-sling seamlessly from project to project. Yet when evil timelines raise their ugly head, he dons the KSA mask fearless and undaunted in his quest of their defeat.

Brendan Carty, Media Strategist/ 
Investment Lead

Talented & Strategic

Similar to the Human Torch, Brendan can burn through any adversity and always puts on a smile as he does it.  After 15+ years of Manhattan agency experience working with numerous national Blue Chip advertisers, he ignites any campaign with his background in media buying and planning.  With a fiery and vibrant personality, Brendan will spark creativity into your campaign and ensure that any project with KSA radiates!

Melanie Roberts, Digital Media Manager

Passionate + Wise

Like Rocket Raccoon, Melanie is crafty and uses her creative, but strategic mindset to quickly and accurately create a media plan to convey a message, tell a story or share information. Don’t underestimate her small stature or the lengths she will take to get the job done. Communication is her passion and she attacks through social media, the written word or by phone. She will step up and take the lead on any media project and is ready to annihilate all problems that come her way.

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